About us

The Mindspa Phobia Clinic

The Driving Phobia Cure has been developed by therapists at the Mindspa Phobia Clinic, one of the world’s leading specialist private phobia clinics.

Our main clinic is in Harley Street, London – a world centre of healthcare excellence in the United Kingdom – where every day our team of experienced, qualified therapists eliminates phobias of all kinds – even long-standing and severe ones – quickly and easily using the latest tools in psychotherapy.

We’ve been curing driving phobias for more than a decade, so we’ve got the inside track on what works and what doesn’t work.  We’ve translated that knowledge and experience into our Driving Phobia Cure to open it up to those who need  help but cannot attend our clinics because of distance or cost.

We operate through a well-established company – Mindspa Limited – which is UK registered and regulated. You can visit our website for our land-based clinics here: Mindspa Phobia Clinics. If you would like a one-to-one session with a specialist they are currently £200 (approximately US $300) a session.

[stextbox id=”New” image=”null” btop=”100″ bcolor=bfbfbf] Fed up with your fear of driving and think it can’t be changed? Think again. Take a look at The Driving Phobia Cure.[/stextbox]