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Skype online therapy

As life gets busier and technology changes the way we interact, online therapy provides a fresh and efficient way to get high-quality help from specialists. So we now offer our clinic program online over Skype video calls. It’s face-to-face and one-to-one. There are many advantages:

It’s effective. We’ve been providing online therapy since 2012. And we do online exactly what we would do if you came to one of our clinics. Several clinical studies* show that online therapy works as well as face-to-face therapy and satisfaction among clients is rated as high.

It’s convenient. Online therapy can be accessed from anywhere. So no more travel time and costs. This is especially important to those in remote locations, overseas or with restricted mobility or time. And Skype session times are usually more flexible.

It’s private. You can access real professional help from the comfort and privacy of your home. Your therapist will also be in a private room with full confidentiality rules applying. And Skype itself is a very secure application.

It gives you choice. No longer are you restricted to local therapists who are unlikely to be phobia specialists. You can now access the best help from one of the world’s leading phobia clinics.

The program is delivered over two Skype sessions of 90 minutes each and ideally spaced a week apart so you have opportunities to notice the changes and improvements between the sessions. The sessions are £200 each ($260 or €220) so the program cost is £400 ($520 or €440) . That’s 20% less than our UK in-person clinic program.

Results may vary and in rare cases more than two sessions may be required.

To arrange your Skype sessions call us now on 0845 591 2345

Phone from outside UK call: + 44 845 591 2345


Skype therapy for phobias

* Clinic studies and articles on the efficacy and use of online video Skype therapy include:
 1   University of Zurich: Psychotherapy via internet as good as if not better than face-to-face consultations
2   University of Queensland: A qualitative study of the use of Skype for psychotherapy
3   New York Times: When Your Therapist Is Only A Click Away